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The broadband light (BBL) Hero (High Energy Rapid Output) is a pulsed light device used to treat skin conditions. This device provides targeted results by heating the upper layers of skin with light energy. The target areas then absorb the heat which breaks down these cells and stimulates the growth of new cells.

The BBL Hero is known to treat concerns such as sun spots, pigmentation, bruises and broken capillaries. This BBL device is the faster and safer alternative to previous BBL devices and can treat the tone and texture of the patient’s skin. This treatment is available for patients at our Mosman clinic.

What are the benefits?

The BBL Hero brings with it many benefits as it is the next generation BBL device. The BBL Hero can be applied all year round as patients do not have to worry as much about sun exposure, in comparison to previous BBL devices. The legs and arms can be treated in 10 minutes in comparison to 60 minutes and the chest can be treated in 2 minutes in comparison to 30 minutes.

The device is known to provide better results than previous iterations as it causes less incidents of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and striping on the body. A BBL Hero treatment has minimal downtime which means patients can return to their daily routine in no time. It takes a week for BBL Hero results to show on the skin. The BBL HERO treatment can easily be combined with other skincare treatments to efficiently treat your skin.


It is important that you have a consultation with our team before the treatment. The consultation at our Mosman clinic will begin with a discussion of your medical history, your current medications and previous cosmetic procedures. This is also the perfect opportunity to discuss your concerns with the treatment and to allow our team to answer any queries you may have.

Our team will evaluate your suitability to the treatment and your ideal results to create a plan for the procedure. At the end of your consultation we aim for you to leave with an understanding of your treatment and a personalised treatment plan. Contact Infinity Skin Clinic Mosman to learn more about what the BBL Hero can do for you

Treatment details

Before the treatment it is important to avoid excessive sun exposure for two weeks. It is also important to avoid exfoliating treatments for four weeks prior to the BBL Hero treatment. When you arrive at the clinic you will be advised to remove any products from your skin such as makeup and fake tan. A topical anaesthetic will be applied to the area of treatment. As a protection method for your eyes, you will either wear glasses or safety shields as the BBL Hero emits strong light.

The BBL Hero begins with the device sending Intense pulsed light (IPL) wavelengths and thermal energy at the skin. These target the melanin and vessels of the skin to break down imperfections and create an even tone and texture of the skin. The melanin and vessels absorb the heat of the energy and this triggers the regeneration of cells. The BBL Hero targets the production of elastin and collagen to create an even complexion. The device is passed over the skin to evenly heat it.

The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and the wavelength of light can be adjusted to suit your specific needs. After your BBL Hero treatment, your skin will look youthful as the treatment delays ageing signs and will be firmer. You will be given a moisturiser to apply to your skin to ensure it is hydrated and you will be encouraged to wear sunscreen to protect your skin post-treatment. Pigmentation will initially darken, a sign of an effective treatment, before the body removes it through the skin’s healing process.

BBL Hero Costs

At Infinity Skin Clinic the price of a BBL Hero treatment is determined by several factors that alter the price for each patient. It is important to note that the area being treated, the number of treatment areas and the number of sessions all impact the price. Our treatments are personalised for each patient and therefore the price will be determined by the different variables that make their individual treatment. To determine the price of the BBL Hero treatment, book a consultation with Infinity Skin Clinic and you will receive an approximate personalised price.

How to choose the best BBL Hero clinic in Sydney

When evaluating which clinic in Sydney is best suited to you and your BBL Hero treatment, it is important to evaluate certain factors. It is important you consider things such as:

  • Before and after pictures (see if their results are consistent)
  • Your doctor and their qualifications (experience)
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • First impressions
  • Your consultation

To book a consultation with our Infinity Skin Clinic and find out if our clinic is suited to you, contact our team at our Mosman clinic for your next BBL Hero treatment. When a clinic focuses on communication and supporting you on your cosmetic journey, they are the right BBL Hero clinic for you and your needs. The team at Infinity Skin Clinic are here to support you throughout the treatment and ensure that your needs are met. Contact our team today and see if we are the right clinic for your needs.

Aftercare Tips

Minimal aftercare is needed after a BBL Hero treatment. Patients are encouraged to maintain their skincare routine as this protects the skin. If a vascular condition is being treated, we recommend patients avoid alcohol, stimulants and physical activity as to not irritate and redden the skin. Three days post treatment, we recommend patients to avoid spicy foods when they have been treated for vascular issues.

After your treatment, you will notice redness and darker pigmentation however these will both fade over time. It is important to apply sunscreen and have sufficient sun protection such as protective clothing after your treatment. Limit your sun exposure after the BBL treatment to protect your skin. Most patients can return to their work and routine after the treatment.

BBL Hero – Q & A:

Most patients are ideal for a BBL HERO treatment. Patients who have skin conditions that are texture or pigment related are suited for the BBL HERO.

Skin conditions that the BBL HERO treats includes:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Acne scarring
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Excessive redness
  • Sun damage

The BBL HERO is not meant to be painful however some patients feel minimal discomfort. During the treatment, patients feel a warming sensation as the light passes over their skin. It has been compared to the flick on a hot rubber band. The BBL treatment is tailored with a cooling mechanism that cools the skin as it sends warm energy to the skin.


BBL Hero before & after – Client gallery

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