Healite II

A revolutionary technology using Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy for skin rejuvenation

Healite II Healite II


Healite II Treatment

Healite II is a revolutionary technology using Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy for skin rejuvenation in a safe and effective way. The Healite II utilizes low level light therapy to treat the skin superficially by delivering pure light to the skin which in turn utilizes your body’s own cellular recovery. LED therapy treats the skin without any physical trauma or heat damage and has no associated down time or risks.

The Healite II has a wide range of treatment options and can be used to treat active acne, superficial skin lesions, promote skin rejuvenation and to heal the skin following trauma or after other cosmetic procedures such as injectables and laser.

The Healite II has also been scientifically proven to improve the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin resulting in visibly younger and healthy skin with smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, improved tone and texture, improved elasticity and younger, more refined looking skin*.

The Healite II is the most advanced LED treatment on the market today, using only the highest quality LED lights to deliver the light safely, evenly and with controlled energy.

The Healite II can be used as a standalone treatment to promote skin rejuvenation or in a course of treatments to cure acne, enhance skin tone and texture and to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin.

We also offer the Healite II to patients who have undergone skin rejuvenation procedures to promote healing and to enhance the results of their treatments. The Healite II has been shown to reduce the pain, bruising, and swelling that may be experienced after dermal fillers, thread lifts, laser treatments and post surgery.

Patients of all skin types can benefit from the Healite II without any risk of complications or down time.

Healite 2 Light Therapy - 3 lights

830nm wavelength (yellow light)

  • wound healing
  • pain relief
  • skin rejuvenation
  • scar treatment

633nm wavelength (red light)

  • skin rejuvenation
  • active acne
  • skin cancers (as part of PDT)

415nm wavelength (blue light)

  • treatment of active acne

*Results may vary from person to person

Healite (LED) Light Therapy – Q & A:

The Lutronic Healite II is the most advanced technology available worldwide. It has been proven to show brilliant results within a few consistent treatments. Unlike other technologies, it offers two lights to combat different skin priorities.

This treatment is super relaxing! The light emits a warm, comfortable sensation over the face. It’s also very bright so goggles are provided. Many clients love squeezing in a power nap while under the Lutronic Healite.

If you are consistent with your treatments, you generally see results after only 2-4 weeks! The Healite LED Light Therapy is that the light continues to keep working for up to twelve weeks post-treatment, ensuring you get the best results.

You will definitely see improvements to your skin when you use the Healite ll directly after other treatments. It works the best when used as a ‘’add on treatment’’ as it stimulates your skins healing process.

No side effects! This treatment is designed to heal and make your skin feel its best. Almost everyone can have this treatment with no downtime. Healite LED Light Therapy helps to reduce redness and inflammation.

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