Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is
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Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes unnecessary, excessive sweating. It affects millions of people globally and is commonly undiagnosed. Hyperhidrosis is usually linked to genetics, however there are no definitive causes of this condition.

When the body can’t regulate temperature correctly, it triggers an unnecessary response. In many instances, temperature fluctuations aren’t the cause of hyperhidrosis either.

The underarms are most often affected, but the face, feet and hands experience the effects too. This can lead to ongoing embarrassment in both social and work situations, but there are solutions.

Treating Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating is treated in several different ways, including medication and prescription antiperspirant. However, these over-the-counter solutions can also be combined with cosmetic injections.

Anti-wrinkle injections are one of the most effective solutions for hyperhidrosis sufferers. Once injected, the ingredients target the glands and nerves to prevent excessive sweating. These cosmetic injections can be used to treat any area where sweating is a medical problem.

Treatments are quick and the injections only produce a slight pinch. Patients who want to eliminate any and all discomfort can request a local or topical anaesthetic. The entire process takes about ten minutes to complete, with the results lasting up to nine months.

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If the excessive sweating is linked to an underlying condition, hyperhidrosis may subside naturally. This is only if the underlying condition is addressed. If it’s deemed to be more genetic, you will need ongoing treatment to in order to reduce sweat. Most people start out with medication and prescription antiperspirants and add on cosmetic injections later. You need to discover what works for you. The first step is to schedule a consultation at Infinity Skin Clinic for a professional evaluation.

Your body has millions of sweat glands, with less than 5% located under the arms. Even though you will sweat less under your arms, this doesn’t mean you can’t sweat. Your body will cool itself down using its many other sweat glands.

Most patients see results after just one treatment. However, we recommend ongoing treatments to maintain the results. In most instances, patients need two treatments per year to keep hyperhidrosis symptoms under control.

Anti-wrinkle injections take about a week to affect the treated area. In terms of how long results last, six to nine months is the norm. However, every patient experiences results differently. The body metabolises the ingredients of these injections at different rates. This means your lifestyle and unique internal processes all play a role in how long your hyperhidrosis results last.

Anti-wrinkle injections are used in millions of treatments annually. In fact, anti-wrinkle injections were used for medical reasons long before they became cosmetic in nature. When administered by a qualified skin therapist, anti-wrinkle injections are safe.

Patients may experience some slight redness and tenderness after their session. However, it won’t stop them from returning to their usual routine. There may also be some mild bruising following a hyperhidrosis session.

For several hours after your treatment, it’s important not to lie down. If you received treatment under your arms, don’t apply any antiperspirants until the day after. For the first 24 hours, you can’t rub or massage the treated area or engage in vigorous exercise. Laser and other cosmetic treatments should be avoided for at least a week after treatment.

The cost of your treatments depends on the number of units required during your session. On average, 50 units are required for each armpit, but this is different for everyone. The more units injected, the longer the results last. However, your skin therapist will choose a safe number based on your specific requirements. We will discuss this with you during your consultation.

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