Importance of having a professional skin consultation

Importance of having a professional skin consultation

You may be wondering what is the secret to achieving glowing, healthy skin? The truth is there is no magic wand and not one treatment or singular product that will deliver the results you desire. A lot of us continue this trial-and-error method of skin care and self-prescribed treatments well into adulthood, never really taking the time to understand what the underlying influences are of our concerns. However, it’s never too late to put your skin first by visiting qualified, professional skin clinicians, trained extensively to identify and treat a wide range of issues.

Through modern technology, social media, and the rapidly advancing field of medical aesthetics we are constantly inundated with information, some true and some false. This makes it hard for you to know what to believe. Therefore, this is where a professional skin consultation comes in.

What to expect from your consultation?

To give you the best advice you will need to be analysed in person. Your skin is unique, and your skincare and treatment plan should be unique too. You should be prescribed a skincare and treatment plan just for you based on your skin needs, budget and lifestyle. For some this journey is simple and can take a matter of weeks to months and for others it may take years. Either way this journey should start with an in-depth skin consultation in a private room, ranging from 30-60 minutes and including some sort of skin photography system such as a VISIA. This system really takes your consult to the next level (stay tuned for our blog on the VISIA analysis system).

Treating your skin is a step-by-step process.

Now that you understand the benefits of taking a leap and having a professional skin consult it’s important to understand that our skins are forever changing. This is due to our natural aging processes, seasonal weather, lifestyle and health changes and so much more. The current condition of your skin can be completely different months down the track, especially once you embark on a new treatment and skincare plan. Generally a follow-up consult is advised every 6-12 months or sooner if advised.
During a follow-up consultation, your skin is reassessed, a progress photo is taken and you can further bring up any questions or concerns with your treatment or skincare plan. Based on your progress your skin clinician will be able to tweak your plan accordingly.

One huge advantage to follow-up consultations is the opportunity to periodically take skin imaging photos of your skin.  It’s amazing to see the before and after photos of the surface and subsurface of the skin through the VISIA skin analysis machine.

Are you ready to book in for a skin consultation and start achieving the natural, long-lasting results you deserve by knowing what products and treatments are best suited to your skin? We would love to hear from you! Each member of our team has undergone years (averaging about 10 years each) of extensive training and has trialled a wide variety of skincare ranges as well as experienced and performed a variety of in-house treatments. Collectively, we have done all the hard work for you.