Is SPF needed in winter?

Is SPF needed in winter?

Winter is just around the corner, and for many parts of the country it already feels like it is here…

Do not let these overcast days fool you. Even though UV-indexes go down in comparison to summer, you need to be wearing your sunscreen all year round. No visible sunshine does not mean no UV rays, especially here in Australia!

UVB (burning) rays are not as intense in winter. Ageing and deeply penetrating UVA rays are still intense and can even penetrate through glass and clouds. UVA is also responsible for causing skin cancers so it is important to use a broad spectrum sun protection moisturiser and mineral makeup.

What are the best sunscreens for cooler weather?

Here are a few qualities to look for when seeking winter appropriate sunscreens:

  • SPF 30+ or higher – to provide sufficient protection from the reflecting sun rays
  • Broad-spectrum – to guard against both UVB and UVA rays
  • Moisturizing – to keep your skin hydrated and protected from getting dry
  • Water-resistant– to protect you from rain and while you are skiing, or snowboarding
  • Mineral SPF makeup – often have an additional SPF benefit as well as being gentle on your skin

Some staff personal favourites are;

  • Is Clinical Extreme protect all day moisturiser
  • Synergie Uber Zinc
  • Aspect Sun Hydrating face
  • Skin Better Science Tone smart SPF compact
  • Synergie Mineral whip Antioxidant cream foundation