Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction

The most effective method
of permanently reducing unwanted hair

Laser hair removal Laser hair removal



Both men and women struggle with unwanted body hair and the painful methods required for removal. Removal methods such as plucking and waxing are not only painful, but they leave ingrown hair and general redness behind.

Laser hair removal has fast become the preferred option due to its convenience and long-term results. Using advanced laser technology, our team of qualified skin therapists can help you achieve smoother, hair-free skin.

Treatments address those dark, coarse hairs that appear on areas such as the legs, underarms, chest and face.

Laser Hair Removal is only performed at the Mosman Clinic.

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Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Hair removal technology has evolved rapidly in recent years and we only offer our clients the most effective solutions.

At Infinity Skin Clinic in Mosman, we use the Candela GentleLase Laser to achieve pain-free hair removal results. Not only is this system one of the most advanced, but it’s safe and highly effective too.

The Candela GentleLase system targets the unwanted hair with intense laser energy via a handpiece. As the skin absorbs this light, it’s converted into heat, which the hair follicles absorb. As the temperature of the hair follicles rises, it’s able to destroy the structure and pigment, preventing regrowth.

Why We Prefer Candela GentleLase

This particular laser system is superior because of the light beams don’t spread or diffuse. The result is effective hair removal without damaging the surrounding tissue. What’s more, the hair follicle receives more energy than with other systems, including IPL.

The other core benefit is the system’s ability to treat larger spot sizes, which helps accelerate treatment times.

To ensure greater comfort, Candela GentleLase incorporates dynamic cooling. A fraction of a second before the laser pulse is delivered, a cooling spray of cryogen is emitted.

Lastly, all skin types can be treated, which isn’t possible with other laser systems.

Laser Hair Removal Results with Candela GentleLase

Human hair goes through natural growth cycles. During the anagen phase, the hair sees the most growth. Thereafter, it moves into the catagen phase, which is when the follicles detach from their blood supply. The telogen phase is last and refers to the hair’s resting period.

The best time to receive laser treatments is during the catagen phase. However, it’s important to note that only 20-30% of hair is in the catagen phase at any given time. This is the reason why several laser hair removal sessions are required to see the desired outcome.

Any area of the body can be treated with the Candela GentleLase system.

We recommend four to six treatments spaced six weeks apart. Your treatment plan is discussed during your consultation with one of our skin therapists.

Once you begin your treatment plan, we don’t recommend waxing, plucking or using depilatories. When you pull the hair out by the follicle, laser removal sessions become ineffective. If you do need hair-free skin in between sessions, you can shave the area as this doesn’t affect the root.

* Note results may vary from person to person


The hair on the treatment area should be shaved on the day of your session at Infinity Skin Clinic. We recommend avoiding sun tanning or any self-tanning products for at least a month prior to any session. There are also specific skincare products to avoid in the week leading up to your appointment, which we take you through during your consultation.

There is nothing stopping you from returning to your usual routine after your appointment. You can expect some slight redness in the area on the day of your session, but this subsides quite rapidly. It’s important to use a high SPF sunscreen on the area before exposing it to the sun. In fact, heavy sun exposure is discouraged until your treatment plan is complete. If sensitivity and discomfort is a problem after your session, you can use ice or aloe gel on the area. You can expect to see a gradual reduction in hair after two weeks, with the results improving after every laser hair removal treatment.

Mild stinging and burning are common during the session, but a topical numbing cream is an option to lessen this. Slight skin redness and swelling is also not uncommon after every session. However, these effects never last very long, so they’re not something to be concerned about.

Permanent hair reduction is possible after a series of Candela GentleLase treatments. However, predicting the exact effects of the procedure is not possible. Each patient experiences different outcomes following treatment. With this being said, laser hair removal generally has a high satisfaction rate. Patients experience little to no hair regrowth following a recommended series of treatments.


Introducing the Laser Hair Removal


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