Medical Grade Skin Peels – Medipeels

Medical Grade Skin Peels

Skin rejuvenation for fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation problems



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Take your results to the next level with advanced professional peels.

Medi-aesthetic peels involve the application of a chemical solution to the skin, designed to stimulate the cell turnover and renewal. The formulation is left on your skin for a time carefully determined by your dermal therapist to suit your individual skin type and needs.

Medi-peels aim to restore your complexion and can address problems including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scarring caused by acne. They are also the fastest and most effective way to resurface, correct and protect the skin.

At Infinity Skin Clinic, we have sourced an array of peels from leading cosmeceutical brands, ensuring our products contain the highest concentrations of chirally correct, active ingredients, using both all-natural, organic resources and high-performance compounds.

The intensity of peel will be determined by your dermal therapist and the length of downtime may depend on your individual skin type and peel strength. Higher strength peels may require you to be prepped on home care prior to treatment.

Our highly experienced therapists take their time and listen, so your unique skin challenges are addressed effectively for the best results possible.

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A powerful yet gentle exfoliating peel combining Lactic and Glucuronic Acids with Blueberry Extracts and Jojoba Beads. This treatment is known for providing instant results, revealing a youthful and healthy complexion.


Using some of nature’s most powerful antioxidants including Pomegranate and Red Wine Resveratrol – this gentle Lactic Acid exfoliating treatment clarifies and corrects superficial skin concerns even for the most sensitive skin types.


The Acai Berry is a powerful superfruit which delivers numerous antioxidants into the skin. This peel is designed to accelerate the removal of the top layer of skin using Lactic and Malic Acids to produce a brighter and more vibrant skin tone.


Combining the power of Lactic Acid to boost hydration, target fine lines and visibly enhance the appearance of skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially those that are dry or dehydrated.


A potent peel to dramatically improve the condition of your skin. This marine polishing peel is a non-acid peel that utilises manual exfoliation to resurface the skin, lifting away stubborn pigmentation and softening the look of blemishes and uneven skin texture such as pitted scarring.

Medical Grade Skin Peels – Q & A:

A Medipeel is made up of a chemical solution that helps speed up the exfoliation process. Most peels are designed to remove the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin, resulting in an increase in skin cell turnover. The stronger the peel, the more layers of skin it removes, which is when peeling also occurs. The strength of the peel also affects the results and determines whether downtime is required. Whatever the strength, glowing skin is assured.

Medipeels are ideal for anyone who wants their skin to have a natural glow. It’s also a good treatment for mild acne, general signs of ageing, dull skin and congested pores.

The face, neck and chest are the areas that we treat most often at Infinity Skin Clinic.

This is mainly dependent on the strength of the peel. If downtime is required, it’s best to schedule your peel close to the weekend or take time off. After your peel, it’s essential that you avoid intense sun exposure for at least two weeks. Thereafter, sunscreen needs to be applied daily.

It’s possible to achieve the best results after two to three sessions spaced about a month apart.

Peels consist of high concentrations of active ingredients as well as a number of plant-based ingredients. It’s these ingredients that enhance the natural moisture of the face and remove dead and damaged skin cells.

Peels stimulate the skin at a deep level. This process happens slowly to lessen any pain and trauma and produce the desired outcome. If peels worked too quickly, patients would be left with a layer of discoloured skin after their treatment. Even scarring would be possible in this instance.

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Yes, your skin does require preparation for peels, which is established in a consultation with an Infinity Skin therapist.

Avoid the sun and intense sun exposure, as well as the gym.

Medipeels do feel tingly and warm, however, no serious pain or discomfort can be expected. A couple of peels in our range a little more intensive but do not require local anaesthetic or medication.

You need to follow the recommended post-care instructions provided by your skin therapist.

Patients generally don’t need to take time off work. However, there is one intensive peel that may require a day of downtime. We can tell you more during your consultation.

Wear sunscreen avoid direct and intense sun exposure and continue to use the recommended skincare products.

Results can last up to two months.


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