Luminous, Smooth Skin Using Light Technology

To achieve smoother, healthier skin that has a radiant glow, you need a solution that works at a cellular level. Ageing and skin healing both take place at a cellular level, which is where Omnilux comes in.

Omnilux treatments stimulate the cellular regeneration process, which repairs and improves the appearance of the skin. The results include softer lines and smoother skin, with results gradually improving over the course of several months.

Founded by physicist Dr Colin Whitehurst, Omnilux is recognised as a revolutionary LED treatment for common signs of ageing. Its effectiveness has been proven in over 40 clinical trials.

This effective, non-invasive treatment is pain-free and has no known side effects. Omnilux stimulates the skin’s natural processes to create a rejuvenating effect, with results lasting up to six months. This is due to the continuous repair process that takes place.

Omnilux is powered by light emitting diode (LED) technology. The visible and invisible LEDs target the cells that repair the underlying structures of the skin.

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Stimulating these cells has a detoxifying effect, which increases blood flow and makes the cells more penetrable. This increases the effectiveness of skincare products and enhances the health of your skin.

Omnilux treatments are a favourite amongst celebrities who love a natural glow- Kerry-Anne Kennerley is one of them.

Omnilux Treatments

Our Omnilux treatments in Sydney are beneficial for both men and women of all ages and skin types.

We recommend a series of at least six sessions, with each session lasting about 20 minutes. Treatments feel similar to lying in direct sunlight except your skin won’t be affected by harmful UV rays.

Patients often describe treatments as relaxing and since no downtime is required, you are free to resume your normal routine directly afterwards. During your session, your skin is cleansed before the lights are positioned over the treatment area. All that’s required is for you to relax and enjoy your treatment.

While Omnilux is ideal as a standalone treatment, it is often combined with HALO or SkinTyte to increase treatment effectiveness. It can also be used following surgery to stimulate the skin’s cells and accelerate the healing process.

The cost of your Omnilux sessions depends on how many you want to schedule and whether they will be paired with other treatments.

To book your Omnilux consultation in Sydney and find out more, call our friendly, highly-experienced staff on (02) 9307 2833.


Omnilux is mostly a rejuvenating treatment that aims to improve the health of your skin. However, doing so has a number of other positive benefits. Patients can expect better skin texture and tone, as well as a softening of lines. For those who struggle with skin conditions such as excessive redness and acne, Omnilux can also reduce redness and inflammation. It’s a popular treatment amongst active individuals, as well as those who have undergone surgery.

Omnilux focuses on the cells that are responsible for strengthening the supporting structures of the skin. Following a series of treatments, patients will see a difference in terms of tightness. We recommend pairing Omnilux with other treatments that are specifically aimed at tightening the skin.

LED light therapy is versatile and can be used on many different areas of the body. What’s more, the Omnilux system is designed to be used while a patient sits, stands or lies down. The Omnilux panels can be flattened or curved to treat various areas, including the chest, arms, face and legs.

It’s very common for patients to combine Omnilux with other cosmetic treatments. Your skin therapist will assist you with a personalised treatment plan based on your goals. Omnilux treatments are often combined with laser treatments such as HALO. However, patients who receive dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and peels also benefit from combination sessions. Adding Omnilux to your session can produce better results after just one treatment. Not only does it accelerate healing but it supports the skin’s regeneration process.

These LED treatments are safe, which is why this technology is used across various medical departments. LED technology is highly beneficial for producing superior outcomes. While the red and invisible infrared lights are safe for your eyes, you will require eyewear for comfort purposes.

Patients who have epilepsy or any other photo sensitive skin conditions won’t be able to receive treatment. Pregnant women should consult with their GP prior to considering LED sessions at Infinity Skin Clinic.


Introducing the Omnilux

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