Dermal /
Laser Therapist & Manager Infinity Skin Clinic Surry Hills

“My goal is to help you understand the best methods for delaying the aging process and achieving beautiful skin.”

Lisa has extended experience in the anti-aging, laser and medical aesthetician industry. She has worked in the tops clinics within the industry in Sydney and London alongside plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors. Lisa has a vast knowledge of medical grade skin care and is fully accredited in all aspects of laser and non-surgical treatments.

Lisa specialises in the Ultraformer skin-tightening, China Doll Facial, medical grade peels, and Hydrafacial and is particularly interested in active skin care. Her passion for helping people look and feel their best is immediately evident in her consultations. She will listen to your concerns and develop a treatment plan individual to you.


Dermal /
Laser Therapist

Vanessa has over ten years’ experience in the Beauty and Medispa industry. She gained her qualifications as a beauty therapist and then furthering her education when lasers were introduced to the beauty market, expanding her knowledge and training as a laser clinician. Vanessa is very passionate about skin and has extensive knowledge in all aspects of skin care and medical grade peels.

Vanessa is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science, Majoring in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, and this ongoing education is giving Vanessa extra tools and knowledge to treat the skin as a whole. Addressing her clients’ skin concerns and achieving opium skin health inside and out is an essential part of Vanessa’s treatments.


Registered Nurse/
Cosmetic Injector

Michelle has been in the beauty and cosmetic industry for the past 13 years. She completed her Diploma of Beauty Therapy in 2006. Michelle then went on to expand her study and completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 2013 and became a Registered Nurse.

Michelle has been performing cosmetic injections for the past 5.5 years. During that time, she has attended numerous conferences to keep up to date on the current standards of practice to optimise patient safety and treatment outcomes, as well as the latest products and injection techniques. Michelle has obtained many training certificates over the years, including her advanced injecting certificate with dermal fillers, and has experience injecting with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and fat-dissolving injections.

Michelle has worked with, and has been trained by some of Sydney’s most experienced doctors and nurses, including national pharmaceutical trainers. Her vast experience and background in the beauty industry has given her an aesthetic eye for detail and symmetry whilst creating natural-looking results with injectables.


Registered Nurse /
Cosmetic Injector /
Beauty Therapist

Melinda is a Registered Nurse with over 16 years experience in the cosmetic and beauty industry. Starting as beauty therapist, salon manager and National Clinical Trainer before pursuing a clinical career as a Registered Nurse. Melinda has worked in some of the cities highest profile clinics with cosmetic and plastic surgeons.

Melinda prides herself on the in depth analysis of the individual client concerns and facial aesthetics. Melinda tailors a customized rejuvenation program to achieve aesthetically pleasing results. This leads to a more radiant and confident you.

The combination of her extensive knowledge of skin, medical grade skincare, non surgical anti-aging therapies and aesthetic cosmetic injecting ensures she will work with you to develop the best total beauty plan to suit your lifestyle.

Melinda thrives on knowledge and seeks to update her skill set by attending international conferences and seminars. Keeping up to date with the latest state of the art equipment, technologies, techniques and product choices. Her continual quest for perfection, passion and dedication ensures the delivery of safe, effective and natural results.


Dr Hooi is a Fellow of the Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine has been working in cosmetic medicine for 14 years based in Sydney. With an appreciation of beauty and a keen eye for detail, Dr Hooi can offer his patients safe and effective treatments and natural looking results. Dr Hooi offers a full range of injectables as well as performing PRP for skin and intimate rejuvenation and PDO threads.

Dr Hooi has just won Top Aesthetic Doctor Australia in the 2020 Aesthetic Everything Awards.


Cosmetic Physician

Dr Jake Sloane has developed a reputation as one of Australia’s leading cosmetic doctors. With over 13 years of experience in anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers and fat dissolving injections, he’s an elite injector who’s changing the way things are done.

Dr Jake previous trained as a general surgeon for over a decade and prior to Medicine, he also completed a three year Anatomy degree. In 2017 he dedicated his time to facial aesthetics and is now an international trainer for Allergan Aesthetics, the world’s leading aesthetic brand. In this capacity he teaches doctors and nurses how to consult, how to assess the face and advanced injecting techniques.

In 2020, Dr Jake was selected to part of a global mentorship programme under one of the world’s leading injectors, Dr Mauricio De Maio. In this role Dr Jake is being upskilled to be a teacher to lead facial aesthetic training across the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr Jake’s philosophy is for holistic, full face treatments that aim to restore your features for natural-looking results. This is achieved in a step by step process, starting with an initial and in depth consultation that gets to the bottom of what’s changed and what your wants vs your needs are.


Cosmetic Physician

Dr Berger has been in General Practice principal for over 30 years, and has worked as a cosmetic medical practitioner for 15 years.

Dr Berger has a particular interest in the careful, judicious use of Botox to achieve a subtle enhancement of facial features, achieving a “refreshed,relaxed” look that is far removed from the “frozen face” so often seen when Botox is used to excess.

Dr Berger uses dermal fillers to achieve a similar result in lip and cheek enhancement and reduction of deep facial lines.

Dr Berger also has an interest in helping patients with bruxism (teeth grinding), where other methods have failed, by using muscle relaxing injections to relax the muscles causing the problem. This technique is also very useful for patients who are concerned by enlargement of the masseter muscles that can lead to a “square” shaped face when an oval shape may be more desirable.


Registered Nurse/
Cosmetic Injector

Sarah is a registered nurse starting her career in a children’s hospital. After a year in the hospital environment having a passion for travel, she travelled the world as an international flight attendant for 12 years. From here she decided to pursue a career utilising her nursing skills and transitioned to working as a Trainer for a pharmaceutical company training doctors and nurses to inject dermal filler.

Sarah now has 14 years experience in the cosmetic industry performing injectable treatments and understands the desire to achieve beauty naturally and with her experience can help guide a patient to finding the right treatment to non surgically enhance their appearance.

Sarah is a local and enjoys playing the violin in the Mosman Symphony Orchestra in her spare time.

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