What is stacking treatments?

What is stacking treatments?

Stacking involves undertaking several different types of treatments back-to-back in the same treatment session.

For example, it is common use BBL (to decrease redness and brown spots) with a fractionated laser to improve skin texture (fine lines and pores).  The BBL would be administered first and the fractionated laser immediately after.

By doing the two treatments together you save time, and it is also common for clinics to provide a discounted price for the combination versus two separate appointments.

Combination therapy leads to ‘synergism’ whereby combining two therapeutic approaches in one session leads to a better result than undertaking them separately in two visits.

So why stack treatments?

Many skin procedures induce a reaction in the skin and thereby stimulate a wound healing response that leads to skin renewal and rejuvenation.  When you double down on that process you facilitate a heightened wound healing response and a higher level of improvement than either treatment by itself could provide.