Why CooLifting is a Must-Try Treatment in 2020

Why CooLifting is a Must-Try Treatment in 2020

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, today’s patients want to achieve natural results in a shorter period of time without the need for downtime.

We lead busy, demanding lifestyles, which means we’re trying to achieve more without necessarily having more time. The everyday stressors of life paired with lifestyle habits and environmental factors can take their toll on the skin.

Cosmetic treatment technology has slowly started to adapt to the changing needs of patients, which has given rise to technology such as CooLifting.

CooLifting is distributed by Age Delay and is a treatment that’s now offered at Infinity Skin Clinic. This revolutionary new device uses cold CO2 gas to lift and smooth the face, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Dr Charles Cope, the founder of Infinity, recently sat down with Spa+Clinic to discuss this popular treatment and why more men and women should be considering it.